Automatic Data Collection

When a visitor requests a page of information from a web site, information about the request is automatically stored in a log file. This information includes the address of the computer making the request (the Internet address, not the street address), the time and date of the request, the type of web browser being used, and sometimes, the page from which the request originated. The information does not contain the visitor’s name or email address, since the visitor’s browser does not provide this information to the web server. Outdoor Power analyzes these log files to learn about how visitors are using the content on the site. This information is used to allocate resources effectively and improve the content of our site.

Voluntary Registration

Certain parts of the Outdoor Power site require that visitors register by providing their names, email addresses, and other personal information, which is recorded in databases on our servers. This information is kept strictly confidential; it is not shared with or sold to other companies. It may, however, be used internally. The data may be used to send email announcements of events on the site to users who registered for similar events. The data may also be used for direct mailings to Outdoor Power customers. If you do not want to receive such mail, when you register for one of our sections, you may opt to not be included in mailings. If a particular registration form does not have this option, you can send an email to Outdoor Power requesting that you not be included in any direct mailings. All requests must include your name and the section for which you were registering so that we can effectively remove you from the database.


A cookie is simply a piece of data the browser stores and passes back to the web server with future requests. The cookie typically includes a customer ID or a session ID code that allows us to identify that certain transactions belong to the same customer session. Our cookies never include personal data and are never passed along to any other web sites.


This web site and all of its subpages are provided on an “AS IS” and “As Available” basis. Outdoor Power makes no warranty, guarantee or promise, express or implied, as to the information presented on this web site or any of the subpages that make up the site, including, without limitation, the accuracy and timeliness of any information contained herein. Information contained on this web site and any of its subpages is presented for informational purposes only. Outdoor Power assumes no responsibility for the use or application of any posted material and shall not be liable, under any circumstances, for any claims or damages arising directly or indirectly from information presented herein. This web site is intended solely for the purpose of electronically providing the public with general information and convenient access to data resources. Outdoor Power assumes no responsibility for any error, omissions or other discrepancies between the electronic and printed versions of documents. Outdoor Power reserves the right to make changes, corrections, and/or improvements to this web site and all of its subpages and to the products, services, and information contained herein, at any time without prior notice.

Third Party Web Sites

Links to web sites outside Outdoor Power’s web site, if any, are provided only for your convenience. Outdoor Power does not endorse any third party or its products or services and no endorsement is expressed or implied by any information, material or content referred to or included on or linked from or to the Outdoor Power web site, or any of its subpages. Outdoor Power does not endorse or assume responsibility for the privacy policies of third party web sites. Third party web pages are not under Outdoor Power’s control and Outdoor Power is not responsible for the information or opinions expressed in any third party site that may be linked to the Outdoor Power web site. Access to any third party web site is undertaken at your own risk.

More Information

For information on protecting your personal information both on- and off-line, see the Federal Trade Commission’s privacy pages. The Electronic Privacy Information Center has news and resources on online privacy.